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Workaholic, Disciplined, Sarcastic: 3 Bollywood characters that are most compatible with Capricorn girls

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Capris are bold, pessimistic, workaholic, and disciplined folks. So, some grounded, caring and hardworking folks can solely match them. So, these 3 characters of Bollywood are most suitable with Capricorn ladies.

Workaholic, Disciplined, Sarcastic: 3 Bollywood characters which might be most suitable with Capricorn ladies

Capricorns are probably the most workaholic folks of all. They’re rational, pessimistic, extremely bold, exhausting employees, disciplined and centered. Since they belong to the earth aspect, so, folks of this zodiac signal are grounded, dependable and accountable. Skilled life at all times comes within the first place once they need to prioritise one thing. Are you a Capricorn woman? Then chances are you’ll get to know that which Bollywood characters are suitable with you. Have a look!

Arjun Saluja, Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara

The character Arjun, performed by Hrithik Roshan, is the best instance of a Capricorn man. He’s pessimistic, extremely disciplined, workaholic however on the similar time grounded. The film exhibits us how Arjun at all times prioritises his work which even makes him attend video conferencing throughout the vacation. He likes to earn cash and considers it because the prime aspect of residing. However he’s additionally caring, pleasant, sensible. And the film additionally exhibits us how he falls in love with Laila. So, this character is extremely suitable with Capri ladies.

Ram Prasad Sharma, Important Hoon Na

This character, performed by Shah Rukh Khan is one other suitable signal with Capricorn ladies. He’s additionally grounded, rational and disciplined. Ram prioritises his work earlier than something for which he comes to check in a university in disguise of a pupil as his boss tells him to take action to guard his daughter. However on the similar time, he’s caring can information folks for the suitable factor.

Aman Mathur, Kal Ho Naa Ho

Capricorns are the king of talking fluent sarcasm. And the character Aman Mathur, performed by Shah Rukh Khan, is the very best instance of it. All through the film he conversates with sarcasm which makes Naina, performed by Preity Zinta, irritated of him. However the film additionally exhibits the rational aspect of Aman as he creates a narrative about his marriage to not settle for Naina’s love proposal. As a result of he knew that he doesn’t have a lot time in his life for the persistent illness which can make Naina lose him from her life. Aman is somebody whom Capri ladies would like to be with.

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